Ants made a new colony, a splendid anthill in the midst of a field. Meanwhile, ploughing, harrowing, sowing season came and the ant hive was destroyed. Dissatisfied ants moved away and formed a new anthill far away, by an asphalt road. They bragged about their hard and strenuous work and that the cells made of hard soil will last for long.
As corn grew on the field, the ants from the first colony enjoyed in the shade and the soil was soft too, so that all the ploughed away was easily gathered and renewed.
By the asphalt it was a different story, it was dry, except sometimes when local dogs would come to sprinkle it and mark their territory. Sometimes a driver would park right over the anthill… There were little food on the asphalt and the ants would come down to the cornfield but they had to carry their burden a long, long way...

Darko Mihajlović